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We can get your finances back on track and help with creditor’s harassment.

A specialist debt NGO offering free, confidential advice on any aspect of debt

PaisaFreedom, a debt NGO that specialize in providing debt and harassment solutions to those who are struggling with debt. We offer a range of financial education and counselling services to tackle the most common setbacks consumers face today.

Take the stress away from debt.
With support that makes a difference.

PaisaFreedom is a registered Pan India debt advice and education NGO offering free, confidential support and advice to anyone worried about loans, credit, debt, business debts, creditor’s harassment and illegal Apps. Because we’re a debt NGO, you can be sure that the advice we provide is impartial and based solely on what is best for you. If you need to talk to someone in confidence about your options, there’s no need to wait or book an appointment, our free debt advice helpline is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm on XXXXXXXXXX.


Business Debts

Debt Solutions

Debt Settlement

Illegal Apps

How we help

If you have a debt problem, PaisaFreedom can help you understand which options are available to you and will recommend the debt solution that is right for your situation. Our aim is to help you regain control of your finances by:
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Working towards a society free from problem debt

Debt Solutions
Our trained advisers will help you to carefully consider all of your options. We start by asking you about your income, what you spend your money on each month, what assets you own
Illegal Apps
These are on-line loan Apps, that have not been authorized to lend money and they are lending small amounts of funds. They charge exorbitant interest.
Business Debts
The legal status of your business determines how your debts will legally be treated and what type of business debt advice you require.


Our trained advisers and advocates will help you to carefully consider all of your options. We start by asking you about your income, what you spend your money on each month, what assets you own and, of course, about your debts. We use this information to work out which solution will allow you to become debt free in the shortest time possible, without adding to your debts and whilst protecting important assets such as your home.

Debt and mental health

Free resources to get the help you need

Money worries and poor mental health are often linked. If you’re struggling to cope, you’re not alone, most of our clients have told us they have depression, stress, anxiety, or they’re living with another mental health condition.
It can be difficult to open up and admit you need help, but that’s how you can take the first step to get back on track.
We’re here to help you, with free and confidential advice. And we work with specialist organizations who are experts in dealing with the challenges of daily life.
Our aim is to help as many of you as possible to take lasting action on your debt and the stress it can bring. You can do this, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.